Sweet Success Surgaring Training

Hair removal is such a staple in the Esthetics business that it should not be overlooked. Back in 2010 when I first set up shop to take clients, I was surprised by how many bookings I got for hair removal services, I was so focused on skincare that I naively didn’t give too much thought to my hair removal skills at that time. I learned the technique in school, of course, and was proficient enough in waxing at the time, but faced with a busy schedule that included many hair removal services, I knew I needed to up my game! I took an advanced class at International Dermal Institute that helped me feel much more confident. Hair removal was not my specialty and I really wasn’t that into it until I realized how much more revenue I could generate by adding those services.

Sugaring hair removal services can fill in the gaps on any Estheticians schedule and it can be paired nicely with most other services.

I built up my clientele with skincare, body treatments, and waxing. I got really good at waxing Brazilians, then I was introduced to Sugaring and my whole business changed from there. Sugaring was so much more gentle to the skin and less irritating. It fits into my philosophy of less trauma and I quickly saw the results that set Sugaring apart from waxing. Less ingrown hair, growing back finer and less dense, and less sun damage, as the Sugar only takes dead skin cells, not leaving the skin so vulnerable to exposure. Sugaring pairs easily with skincare, spray tans, body treatments, lashes, permanent makeup and more.

So again, don’t underestimate the importance of hair removal! In my humble opinion, sugar is a superior method of it, and if you decide to go that route, please get certified by someone who has a passion for teaching it!

Keeping Things Sweet,