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Libby is a terrific teacher!

I've been to her for both Basic Certification & Advanced Brazilian classes now, & couldn't have been happier with my experience. She gives true personal attention, and absolutely shares the best of herself to ensure you really are set up for sweet success! After my initial certification I was so confident that I started sugaring clients after only one hour of practice on my own, & I haven't looked back. She's always quick to respond if I have a question & has been a huge support. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Natalie W.

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I took the basic sugaring certification course with Libby and it was the best decision I made!

I'm a licensed esthetician and I always wanted to provide sugaring hair removal for my clients, but never learned in school. I'm so glad that I took the training, but more importantly, that Libby was my trainer. She has so much patience, watching me trying to mould and flick. The technique does take time to master, and her advice of "practice, practice, practice" has paid off. I am at a skill level now that I am confident in providing this amazing service on my clients. It was the best decision I made - I recommend Libby without reservation. I'll be taking all of my sugaring training from Libby: next up - advanced sugaring certification.

Jeanette P.

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Libby is incredible at what she does!

She really breaks everything down from the theory portion of training to the practical. As a newly licensed esthetician I have spent so much money on different courses outside of school and Libby is the ONLY training I've taken where she gives you all her time and attention plus any on going mentoring post training. I can count on her to answer any of my calls or texts with any questions I may encounter myself with. She's very patient, sweet, and really the best Sugarista I've ever came across.

Gladys S.

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Libby is a fantastic educator!

Right off the bat I could tell that she was in love with what she does. She explained sugaring to us and simplified it so well. She has this way about herself that makes you feel comfortable and willing to learn with ease. Don't pass the opportunity up take her class

LaShawndra S.

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Can't rave enough about Sweet Success Sugaring Training!!

Libby is truly amazing! She was so patient, informative and kind! Learning a new skill can be very nerve wracking and she made the experience so comfortable. Not only did I get a full day of hands on education being able to work on live models she also does a follow up with you. She also wants you to feel free to reach out with any further questions in the future! I'm so thankful to have learned the art of Sugaring from the best of the best!!! Thank you Libby!!!!

Alexa J.

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I would give Libby 10 stars if I could. She is a true teacher. From the heart if you will.

I have had some training in sugaring in the past however I wasn't certified. When I took Libby's training it was for certification, thinking I wasn't going to learn much more. Not the case. She taught me SO MUCH MORE about sugaring. She is as sweet as her sugar. Cheesy I know. She is though! She is an amazing hands on trainer and you leave with much confidence.

Liz Q.

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I love Libby's way of teaching and she is really supportive.

I highly recommend Libby for sugar training! I'm from Santa Barbara and she even came down to me to teach, which was amazing! I love her way of teaching and she is really supportive. I also love that if I have any questions that come up I can always call her and she's still there for me! She's a great teacher and knows her stuff!

Brooke D.

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