In Person Advanced Sugaring Classes

    Learn to Master The Ancient Art Of Sugaring With These Advanced Classes with Libby Post

    If you’re looking to take your sugaring skills to the next level, consider signing up for advanced sugaring training with master sugarist Elizabeth “Libby” Post. These hands-on classes in Southern California offer instruction in advanced Brazilian and Manzillian techniques, as well as an Up To Speed class to help you improve your speed and efficiency. Private coaching is also available for those who want one-on-one instruction. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your sugaring skills and increase your earning potential.

    Advanced Private Brazillian – Women  4 hour $375 

    We’ll start the training with a quick review of essential sugaring techniques and address any issues you’ve encountered after the Sweet Success Sugaring Essentials Certification. Libby will demonstrate a Brazilian sugaring service and then you will have hands-on 1-on-1 experience.  


    Sweet Success Sugaring Certification or Student must be proficient in sugaring techniques before enrolling in this course.


    • You will need to bring at least 2 models.
    • You will get sugared. Come with a minimum of 2-3 weeks of hair growth.

    Advanced Private Manzillian – Men  3 hours $300

    Much like a traditional full Brazilian on a woman, a manzilian, involves complete hair removal surrounding the upper thighs, pubic mound, genitalia, and the cleft between the buttocks.

    Once you have gained your confidence in sugaring and are ready to expand your sugaring business into the male market – the Advanced Private Manzillian hands-on workshop is an exciting option.  You will learn sugaring techniques for men, body positioning, and how to create a comfortable and safe guest experience for this very private service.  This service will expand your customer base, profit potential and fire up word-of-mouth advertising.   


    Sweet Success Sugaring Certification or Student must be proficient in sugaring techniques before enrolling in this course.


    You will need to bring at least 2 models.

    Up To Speed  3 hours  $350

    This private 1-on-1 class has been designed to help you make more money by fine-tuning your technique and timing. Increase your speed. Increase your sales. You select which body areas you want to focus on. 


    Owners. If you have sugaristas working for you but need help picking up the pace, this class is just the ticket. You can’t afford to have some technicians taking twice as long to complete a sugaring service.  Sugaring can be one of the most profitable services you offer when technique and timing are fine-tuned. If you have anyone lagging behind, Libby will show them how to work efficiently and shave off time.    



    A sugar certification and a minimum of 3 months of hands-on in-clinic sugaring experience.  


    You must bring your own models (at least 1-2 models depending on sugar areas)

    Custom Private Class 3 hours $350

    1-on-1 private class. Libby will customize the class to fit your requests. Need a sugar refresher? Want a leg up on the competition and hone your full leg skills?  No problem.  After you book your class, Libby will reach out to do your pre-class consultation and determine the target areas and model count needed. 


    Sweet Success Sugaring Certification or students must be certified in sugaring before enrolling in this course.

    Certification Assessment 2 hour $250

    The assessment is for people that are currently sugaring without a Certification. If you need to verify that you have sugaring experience and need a professional assessment in order to qualify to purchase from vendors, Libby will do your skills assessment.  Upon successful completion of The Assessment, you will receive your sugaring certification which will allow you to purchase sugar from select vendors.  

    This is NOT a training class.


    Licensed beauty professional with a minimum of 1-year sugaring in clinic sugaring experience.


    You must bring one model with appropriate hair growth. 

    Team Training

    Spa owners and managers who have 3 or more people to certify, Team Training is a great option for you.  SoCal in spa classes or hosted venues can choose from: 

    1. Team Training Certification  2 days  
    2. Up To Speed
    3. Advanced Brazilian 
    4. Advanced Manzilian 
    5. Post Certification Sugaring Assessments 



    Cancellations and Class Refunds 


    Once you book your class with Libby, that time slot is reserved for you. Payment is due at the time of bookings.  We know life can occasionally get in the way of your education. 

    • Payments are fully refundable if your class is more than 30 days out. 
    • Payments are nonrefundable if your class is less than 30 days. You may reschedule your class and use credit for up to 6 months. 
    • Payments are forfeited if you cancel less than 7 days.

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