Sweet Success Surgaring Training

    I see posts about not using sticks and strips for Sugaring, as one of the benefits to the Esthetician. It is true that traditional Sugaring is performed using the hand method, which I teach and use primarily in my treatment room. That being said, I also teach “stick to stick” and “stick & strip” methods and explain when and why you would choose those options. It is true that one can be a Sugarist and perhaps never use sticks and strips, and I’m talking about Pellon strips or muslin, like the ones used in waxing.

    My philosophy is to fill one’s toolbox with as many tools as possibly necessary. I have found using a stick with the sugar sometimes on brows, inner labia and cheeks get the best results, the quickest and most effective way to remove the hair completely, with less pain for the client. Not always, I sugar plenty of my client’s faces, for instance, with only the hand method and most Brazilians don’t need the extra step to complete the service. I am happy to have the skills, knowledge and experience to know when to do so. When I hear “No sticks and strips,” I say, “Why not, there is good reason to have ninja sugaring skills if necessary.”

    Keeping in mind that sugar is not just a replacement for wax, using the same technique. No, it’s a very different medium, the sugar seeping into the follicle and grabbing the root is only one distinction, but for the sake of this point, I’ll keep on track.

    Using sticks and strips with Sugar, as you would with wax, is wasteful and unnecessary, I wouldn’t recommend it as primary practice, but would encourage Estheticians to be open to how useful knowing these techniques could be.

    keeping things Sweet,