Sweet Success Surgaring Training

    It’s important to advise clients how to maintain the area after their service, finding a balance between exfoliation and hydration is important. The hair will be redeveloping and trying to grow through the surface of the skin, so it needs to be balanced, allowing it to come up easily. If the skin is over-exfoliated, it thickens up to protect itself, causing difficulty for the hair to come through and may become ingrown. If the skin is too dry, the hair will stay tucked underneath unable to pop through the surface.

    Always supply Sugaring Aftercare advice to clients. They look to us to help navigate these issues, it’s surprising how many clients have never been told how to care for the area afterward.

    Just the term “exfoliate” means something different to everyone. Take the time to show them, how to gently exfoliate by flicking up with a glove or washcloth, explain that we are encouraging the hair to come through the skin, scrubbing too hard or long can have the opposite effect of what we are intending, and can toughen the skin up instead, creating more problems.

    Aftercare advice:

    • Avoid the gym, jacuzzi or the ocean immediately afterwards as this can introduce bacteria to the area.
    • Don’t go home and scrub or apply anything to the area, let the skin adjust on its own.
    • Use a moisturizing body wash between services, soap can be too drying
    • Use a moisturizer on the outer bikini area, this will keep the skin soft and help avoid ingrown hair.

    Keeping Things Sweet,