Sweet Success Surgaring Training


Sugaring is an ancient technique that we now use in modern times, with a slight change in ingredients, it was mostly honey-based back then. Now it’s simply sugar, lemon (citric acid), and water. This gentle way to remove unwanted hair has been gaining popularity in recent years, and as most trends get going, there are good techniques blowing up on the internet and not-so-good techniques. That leads to my point of how important it is to get professionally trained and Certified. .

I am a self proclaimed Sugar Evangelist and I’m doing what I can to spread the love of Sugaring Hair Removal!

Hair removal isn’t rocket science, however it can be tricky, very tricky, at times, to master. I have been Sugaring since 2012 and have been an Educator for about 7 years now, and my goal is that my classes are valuable to my students! I make myself available for continued support through their learning process and offer Advanced Classes.

I love to teach and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for Sugaring Education find someone who loves to teach it! Students learn so much more from an instructor who’s passionate about their craft.

keeping things Sweet,