Sweet Success Surgaring Training

That’s an excellent thing to remember to promote your sugaring services. Sugar works amazingly on all body areas, from toes to nose, bikini, legs, full face on women, and everything in between.

Too often, I hear of Sugarists that offer body services to their clients but don’t sugar the face, specifically eyebrows, so they refer their clients down the street to someone that does. I find many estheticians don’t offer Brazilian, so they give cold hard cash away to someone else just because they have not yet learned a technique.

Think about it. If you referred out:

  • 1 Brazilian a week at $65 x 52 weeks, you have given away $3380 sales dollars.
  • 2 Brazilians a week at $130 x 52 weeks, you have given away $6760 sales dollars.
  • 5 Brazilians a week at $325 x 52 weeks, you have given away $16,900 in sales dollars.

This is not a good business model. I’m encouraging all sugarists to get the training needed to offer sugaring for all face and body areas to complete their service menu and stack that cash.

Of course, there are areas that we consider our favorites to sugar or ones that we are most comfortable offering. Still, I strongly encourage finding specific training to help build your skills to service all sugaring needs. Here are three private hands-on classes I offer in Huntington Beach, CA.

Basic Certification

Advanced Brazillian 

Advanced Manzillian

Even if you have been sugaring for many years and find an area or two that you struggle with, it will serve your clients and your business model well to get the training you need. There is nothing wrong with recognizing weak skills and having the passion and commitment to build that up.

Custom Private Class
Up To Speed

Imagine going to your hair stylist and asking for your bangs cut, and they ask you to book with another stylist for that because they don’t cut bangs. Sounds ridiculous, right? Sending your clients to others to complete their sugaring services is the same.

Sweet Success Sugaring has classes for all areas and all levels and is not only available to help but wants to help build your business up!


keeping things Sweet,